Fine Tuning


A good rainy day meant for running errands and tying lose ends together. We decided to ‘fine tune’ our chicken flock. Haley (chicken fan neighbour) was off to a chick sale for heritage birds. We sent her off with our blessings to be our personal shopper. So after dinner last night she arrived with a trio of teeny tiny chicks to add to our group. We thought we might try to mix the two groups right off the bat – to get them in together when they were all ‘little’. It seems to have gone of very smoothly. You can see the three newest are the black, grey and black and grey ones. I’ve been in and out of the coop. They are often huddled up sleeping together. Everyone seems to LOVE getting under the larger cover of the white bird … who likely is a rooster … who will likely not be staying with the group. I certainly heard from many after yesterday’s post advising me to skip the rooster experiment.

Then this afternoon we met our new farrier – Dan. He specializes in donkeys! He did a great job. It was a relief to see those long toes disappearing. I think Rosie will be a lot more comfortable now. Donkeys and horses really are so different when it comes to their stance and their hooves. The jennies seem fine. We were keeping an eye on Rosie as her hooves had the greatest correction. Now time to call the vet for their spring shots and deworming. I think then we will be ready for the summer! 😉

2 comments on “Fine Tuning”

  1. So glad you had a positive farrier experience. Our farrier does a lot of donkeys and loves them, so we are lucky.

    Nice little group of chicks you have there! Good luck!

    1. We had a wonderful young man who agreed to learn about how to trim donkey hooves … but had a lot of difficulty getting the hang of it. This new gentleman came highly recommended and certainly left their hooves looking much more as they should. And thank you for your chick encouragement! I’m finding them fascinating to watch!

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