Starting Over


Puttering … we do like to putter around here. And there are usually many options to indulge our puttering intincts! We have a new farrier coming tomorrow. I need a second pair of eyes on our jennies’ hooves. I have a gut feeling that Rosie is uncomfortable on hers. Her toes just seem way too long – especially in the front. Bella’s hooves are even curving and started doing so within a month of her last trim. Darby’s I don’t think are so bad. I’m looking forward to meeting Dan who is a bit of a specialist when it comes to donkeys. Thank you to my friend Elsie for hooking us up!

So Ede took some time to strengthen the stall gate on the Bully Barn. That is where I find it easiest to have the farrier work. The girls are keen to all get in there at once … especially as they know their reward for standing still is a grain treat! As is often the case Rosie came out – even to brave the blackflies – as soon as she heard a power tool was in use! 😉

The chicks are settling in. I will admit … numerous times today I could hear echoes of Miss Charlie and the boys … and was wondering how they are doing. Their new farm family sent me a note to let me know they are roaming the barn and even hung out with their dog in there last night. Our road was so fast today … we’re sure at least one of them would have been hit. There are too many times I wish it wasn’t paved!

Back to the chicks. I spent time hanging out in the coop – helping them to see I’m their ‘human’. They are cuddlier than Guineas. I am guessing our white chick is going to be a rooster and the other two are hens. A neighbour down the road was off to a poultry sale today and was going to pick up a couple more chicks to add to our brood. Her advice is to steer clear of a rooster … I read lots today (as is my habit when I get to learn about a new skill) and there are suggestions that having a rooster is good if you are going to have the birds free range. Free range? you may think. But the Guineas couldn’t free range … My thinking is that the chickens can do some limited free ranging – and that I should have better luck training them to either come when they’re called or avoid the road all together. If need be perhaps I’ll figure a way out to string an electric web fence along the ridge in the woods and have them corralled for their adventures. That will a few months away yet. Wish us luck!

6 comments on “Starting Over”

  1. Chickens do not wander the way guineas do, they will stay much closer to home. Chickens are also smarter about looking out for themselves and avoiding predators. Unless you want to raise baby chick, i would skip the rooster. Some are nice, but mostly they are a pain to have around and often harass the hens. I have never seen that a flock is missing anything by not having a rooster.

    Rosie and Bella’s feet are rather long. I hope the new farrier understands donkey hooves. They certainly are different and can be hard to manage in this climate.

    1. Sounding more and more like the little rooster fella is going back to the farm. Thanks for your comment about our hooves. Yes, Dan is very knowledgeable about donkeys. I wasn’t able to get him to take us on before – as in four years ago. But a good friend put in a good word for me … so hurray! Looking forward to meeting him tomorrow.

  2. I’m not a chicken expert, but I don’t think they roam as much. It will be interesting to test that theory from afar. 😄🐓

  3. Roosters are handy to have if they are free ranging and there is a predator alert. Then the roosters should go into action and warn off the girls. But so much of the time the rooster may be harassing the girls, mounting them and pulling out their feathers, and I have even had roosters that practically de-nuded some of the hens, and actually hurt them. Not pretty, and very uncool. So, it really depends upon the temperament of the roo and how he handles his role. You may just want to cut out this experience all together and just let the girls do their thing!!!

    1. I’m leaning that way too. I will go along with them all until we know for sure who is who. That in itself will be a learning experience for me. The roosters can always go back down the road to another farm …

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