A Changing Cast of Characters


So … today we made an adjustment to our poultry quarters … we changed up the occupants! Miss Charlie and her ensemble were in too much jeopardy with the road … and it was getting very difficult to hear each other talk out there even if we were side by side. So after some consideration we took a look at a farm family just starting out who were looking for some Guineas. Horse farm with a beautiful barn space for the Guins.
May 270001
These four were mysteriously well behaved on our trip down to their new digs. They just kept eyeing the scenery passing by and cooed and trilled at each other. It wasn’t until we had moved them into their new barn – with fresh hay and an amazing amount of room – that they began to sing in style! Ede thought we should make our exit as quickly as possible at that point! 😉

Having let Cari and Owen in on our plans Cari offered to give us three of her current poults. They are just over two weeks old. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! Before we got through the paddock Rosie and Darby wanted to know just what I was moving in now! They look very tiny in the coop after having the Guineas there. It will be fun nurturing them and seeing what chickens are like. Names will have to follow once I’ve sat with them for a while.

There is always something interesting happening around here!

8 comments on “A Changing Cast of Characters”

  1. You are both so attuned to the needs and wants of the animals in your life. And good for you for realizing the best for the guineas and having given them a great start on life!
    Sounds like you have a great group of neighbors. As the saying goes “it takes a village”
    Cheers, Barb

  2. Wouldn’t the former Guineas home make a good place for a couple of Little Grey Goats???😊😊😊😊

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    1. Hahahahaha! Don’t think that hasn’t crossed my mind! 😉 BUT the big deal breaker is that our beautiful oak trees are NOT good for goats. And … just as the Guineas did … those little goats would LOVE to play race cars on the road. So, alas, no. My goat friends will be those living just five minutes down the road at Cari and Owen’s farm.

    1. I’m glad the coop isn’t empty as well. Felt a little rushed myself to make sure there were still ‘birdies’ out there this morning! I will reset my ‘visiting’ stool in the coop and begin making friends with our new family members today. 8)

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