Past and Present


Apparently the saying, “You can never go back …” is not always correct.
May 20 SCHS Reunion Group Shot
Last night I had the most amazing time meeting up with high school friends from forty years ago. I’m glad we were wearing name tags! You would see someone’s eyes and think … I KNOW that person! Sometimes I would find someone coming in for a hug and my mind would fast forward to my mouth and I’d exclaim “So and so!” totally amazed that my memory worked so well on automatic. And you know … it is not just the face. The body language, the energy and the expressions would beam me back four decades to when we spent days and days together.
May 20 SCHS Reunion0085
I was hoarse by the time I got home in the wee hours of the morning. So much laughter and talking and talking and talking! An amazing evening in a time warp. xoxo

4 comments on “Past and Present”

  1. Nice that you have such great memories of high school and enjoyed your reunion! I never go o mine, there were ove 700 of us in that class… I always think that the people I would love to see wouldn’t be there anyway!

    1. We really had a wonderful high school – country school – about 1100 students total from grades nine to thirteen. You really felt you knew everyone. Great place.

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