A Forever Home for Little Grey


Little Grey met his forever ‘humans’ today. Heidi and Gary came to the farm this morning to pick him up. I had gone over earlier to spend some time with the goats and had a good cuddle with the little guy. He is such a loving little ball of fur. Yep – still very little. Heidi and I commented to each other today in emails that he looks so much bigger in these pictures than he is! He has a beautiful home and four very friendly new goat family members. Gary and Heidi both spent lots of time with him – hanging out with him in his new digs – carrying him about to introduce him to his new farm – letting him know he is well loved. My heart is happy!

It is a long weekend in this part of the world. The first of the ‘summer’. Hope you are enjoying a slow down day too!

6 comments on “A Forever Home for Little Grey”

  1. I am so glad your heart is happy.
    My heart was in my throat reading this post.
    We all have to move on at some point …
    Cheers from Calgary
    Barb and Al

    1. I will be sure to include a picture or two of him in the future. You’ll get to see him all grown up … well all aged. It will be interesting to see just how much more he actually grows!

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