I headed out today expecting the Guineas to be lined up at their coop door ready to take on the world again. Not so much … For whatever reason they decided to stay home for the day. It could have been the rumbling of the thunder to the north of us. Or perhaps the donkeys who were kicking around more outside this morning. Or maybe yesterday’s adventures began with an accidental exit? Beaker did take a step out onto the palette at the gate … but then just ogled the view and went back to get something to eat. Is it terribly funny for me to say … “Phew … let’s just retreat for a day and then give it another go”?

We continued to add soil to the trees we planted on the hillside (aka rocky outcropping). Ede transplanted hydrangea bushes and spread grass seed in the ‘former’ donkey garden. (I think I will still call it the donkey garden … only now it is the garden they can see.) I got the paddocks and the hillside all cleared of manure. AND the brush piles that have surrounded the ‘Rec House’ (gutted building we loan to the Recreation Committee) for years are GONE! Yes! This is one year that we have managed to ace our ‘spring cleaning’ list!

When I came in for dinner a good northwest breeze had come up allowing the jennies to get out of the barns. It was much nicer to serve up their evening hay outdoors. Both barns have fresh woodchip beds and hay bags for snacks. I think they’ll be enjoying the coolness and the wind for a couple of days.

We finished the day off with a delicious roasted chicken dinner – and time to celebrate the first game of the Western Conference NBA finals. The Spurs and the Warriors are going to deliver an amazing series!

6 comments on “Retreat”

  1. So glad the Guineas put your minds at ease today. I was also a little uneasy with there shinanogans yesterday !

  2. The guineas will get there. Kind of nice that they are so circumspect! I admire the list of things that you have accomplished. If we ever get over this rain, I have to make some time for the garden!

    1. I’ve been noticing your rain. We’ve had a lot too. But it becomes a ‘shield’ for us against the bugs. So a rainy day is a ‘get out there and do another job’ day! 😉

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