Cloudy, Rainy with a High Density of Blackflies


People wonder why ‘country folk’ from our area don’t have great summer tans. Well … as I mentioned yesterday ‘fly season’ is upon us. And it LASTS and LASTS and LASTS! So discerning outdoor workers have special fashion adjustments to make. Our kids used to laugh at we mothers in the baseball stands as we sat there – sometimes six or eight of us – all in our bug coats. Ede was sporting hers this morning while we worked at planting a grove of evergreens at the far end of our property. As you can see the fairground gondola and playground are very close to our fence line. This year’s plan is to use heavier duty fencing to surround the trees we are planting – giving a good spread for them to mature into. We woke to a perfect morning for working out there – rainy. It could have been a little more perfect if it had been gale force winds. 😉 Ede has just noticed that the weather forecast for cottage country includes a bug report. If that was so here the report would include a high density of blackflies! The jennies are back in the Bully Barn using the daytime to sleep. They are gradually shifting to be nighthawks.

2 comments on “Cloudy, Rainy with a High Density of Blackflies”

  1. Those pesky black flies are starting to bite here as well.but they only stick around for awhile…then it’s those crazy horseflies that can take chunks out of you!

    1. It really is crazy isn’t it? I’ve learned to greatly appreciate the early spring and the late fall as the BEST times of the year for outdoor people/animals.

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