Don’t Think Twice


Turns out … if you think your brakes are going … they are! I had noticed that the Bully was having a few mechanical problems. So I figured I would fill it up with the cleanings from the Guinea Coop – empty those in the bin and then drive it over to Darryl (our family mechanic). It was the ‘and then’ part that got me into trouble!

I had closed the gate on the front paddock to keep the donkeys away while I cleaned the coop. They have developed a real taste for whatever is in there? As I slowly coasted down the hilliside I realized I was not going to be able to stop … So I let the gate hold me and then put the Bully into reverse – just to go back to a flatter spot … Hmmm …

The combination of a stuck accelerator and no brakes in reverse … clearly evident in the pictures above! We were very lucky. The donkeys were not any where near me. (They often do follow along behind the Bully!) X-rays proved that I was not broken … just going to be bruised and walking funny for a while! And we have great neighbours who are like family who look out for us. Wally, Rob and Darryl were over after dinner to push the Bully back onto the road and then towed it away for repairs.

Before all that excitement we had added another ‘escape hatch’ for the Guineas. I have been leaving the entrance gate to the run open for them … Not interested. So then we thought perhaps an exit that is accessible from the ground would be less intimidating. So far they have not ventured out? When we opened up the coop I physically scooted them out the first few times. But I’m thinking I want them to be sure about how to get in and out when it is the ‘big wide world’ they are dealing with. So, no rush, I just walk past now and again and talk to them. They note that there is not any fencing between us … Sooner or later they are going to get curious… right? Or maybe they have taken notice of my driving skills … 😉

10 comments on “Don’t Think Twice”

  1. Wendy, I am so sorry about your rumble with the Bully! I hope your bruising and discomfort period is short. Regarding your guineas not leaving their pen – I think they are just happy where they are. VERY happy. Do take care.

    1. Hmmm … does that mean I should encourage them out? I think maybe once the green starts to show up everywhere they’ll take a walk to check out the new tastes. 😉

  2. Sorry about your experience! May your injuries heal swiftly. Your guineas will eventually find the way out, I wouldn’t worry. I think ours began going out too early and they never came back in at night again, which means they didn’t last the year. So it wounds like yours are correctly circumspect!

  3. Glad you are okay. I had enlarged the pictures before I read the text and was going through them and did a double take on the first bully picture….maybe you should install a seat belt configuration like race car drivers have. Don’t overdo….let yourself heal. 🙂

    1. Feeling dumb … as there ARE seat belts … and it DOES SAY WEAR A HELMET … but I just use it to putter around the paddock and pick up manure. Although … there is that hill between the paddocks! 😉 Doing much better each day.

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