Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve not been very good at following that credo. My new lifestyle of ‘recreational farmer’ has made a big difference though.

I spent some time with the goats at the farm this afternoon. I really LOVE my job of ‘goat socializer’! It is obvious that Pepper’s quadruplets are very people friendly. They love anyone that comes through. They are curious, hopping up and around all the time. Cinnamon’s twins are much shyer. I didn’t spend nearly the time with them. Come the fall’s new litters I will definitely get in there early with them all. Most of all – I love seeing how Little Grey has come along. Today he was burrowing in to the bottom of the hay feeder where the chaff is his favourite treat. He is confident around the adults and can tussle with the other kids. He doesn’t need (or want) to cuddle to soothe his nerves. He wants to run and jump and get some good food. He still loves to come to have his back rubbed and his nose scratched. And he makes sure if the others are jumping around on my lap to let them know I am his people. I will enjoy hearing about his adventures just a little farther down the road with Heidi. (JUST TWO WEEKS!)

We are once again looking at ways to add a living screen between the far part of our ‘donkey woods’ and the playground development at the fair grounds. Circling existing trees with fencing has been a good move. Later this month we hope to add two Norfolk Pines and two smaller Red Pines to that area. Today Ede screwed some of the trees we took down into holding boxes for building up soil and compost. We’ll gradually build that up – circle it with fencing and then plant. The jennies enjoyed having us out working about their neck of the woods.


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