Sheep Shearing Day

What an incredible day. I headed down the road this morning to be an extra hand at the Tryon farm when Ross Creighton – the sheep shearer – arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Senior Farmer and Mrs. Farmer have a great system in place. I was the photographer as well as the sheep and goat catcher. Fascinating process and great stories.

Arriving back home this afternoon I realized that the daffodils are almost done in this rain and the tulips are seriously considering taking their turn in the spotlight. A quintessential spring day!

5 comments on “Sheep Shearing Day”

    1. I tapped it once and nothing. I gave it a quick double tap and it came right up. Shearing days are fun except when you get nailed by alpaca spit! Your flowers are beautiful! Do they have their wool processed for themselves or do they sell it? Baba black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full…

      1. Ross Creighton takes the wool with him. Their sheep are sheared for the health of the sheep not the market for the wool. I talked with him about alpacas. Glad to hear they can be sheared just standing up. Guess that is how the ‘spit’ can come into play!

      2. The alpacas I helped with were not sheared standing up. They were laid down and secured with rope around their hooves so they couldn’t move. He must be an alpaca whispere. The man who sheared the alpacas was a kiwi.

    2. Just curious Nina … do you have a Facebook page? This is a video from my FB collection. I don’t think I’ve done that before here on my blog… Hmmm … I’m curious about why it doesn’t play for you …

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