Shades of Emerald City

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Crazy shades of green are bursting out in the woods all around us. It is ‘pinch yourself green’! The cold days and windy weather have been keeping the bugs at bay. Perfect time to get those spring jobs off my list.

The Guineas took one step outside their run this afternoon. I think it was Beaker who braved the gate. I’ve got a log propped up from the inside – and another from the outside. That did the trick. However … Bella’s arrival to munch on the bark … not so welcoming! She didn’t send them into a tizzy at all – just gave Beaker all he needed for sober second thought.

I started to take the ‘log wall’ down. I had built it along the back fence line. The jennies seemed to be distracted by what ‘could’ be on the other side. After I removed about a foot’s worth of height they then moved in to enjoy the uncovered bark layers. So for now it will stand as a ‘bark bar’. 😉

Chipmunks and squirrels are scurrying around gathering up leaves and donkey hair for their nests. They make me laugh when they stuff an impossibly large oak leaf into their little mouths!! The Robins are singing tonight – such a beautiful spring song. Loving it.

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