Spring Rain

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A good day for staying under cover. Glad the jennies decided that the barns were really their best port in the storm! They do love to stay down in the front paddock as long as they can. Last night – well about two this morning – I looked out to see Bella moving in the dark from one of the paddock shelters to the other. Egads! It was POURING rain … and I know that the sandy paddock eventually gets very water logged with the rain coming down the hillside. So I was happy to find them in their barns – much drier – when I woke up a few hours later. I settled in with them for quite a while. It is easy to relax when you are listening to rain and the sound of donkeys chewing their hay.

The hay in the field is loving this weather! So much better than the dry of last spring and summer. The trees are budding and the rocks in the woods are growing moss almost as you look! I did some clearing out of plants in our front room. The two ‘Christmas trees’ that have been growing inside now for almost a decade are ready to get planted outside. They are living on the front porch for ‘practice’. šŸ˜‰

Oz is keeping watch at the windows. He gets to meet Kate and Corey this weekend. We’re excited that they are able to come for a visit – all the way from Philadelphia. Many hugs are in order! Drive safe!

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