Not The Same Thing


Apparently ‘Free to range …’
May 30068
… does not yet mean the same thing as actually ‘free ranging’! 😉
May 30069

I opened the Guinea Run door this morning and nervously walked away wondering just where I would find these guys by the afternoon. Well that was easy – they were exactly where I left them. I think it will take a few days before they are comfortable with taking that next big step out into the woods! In the meantime the sparrows loved being able to fly in and out to taste the lovely millet seed. 😉

6 comments on “Not The Same Thing”

  1. Dumb Birds 🙂 Here they will run forever directly in front of a car they are desperate to evade, rather than moving over to the side of road. Stop the car and they stop too, still in front of the car. Good luck 🙂 Laura

    1. Around here we have kooky Robins. They seem to wait for a car to come along and then they swoop out in front – racing to the other side. Hope our Guineas stay clear of our road.

      1. More kindly, I wonder if they are not unsure of walking over the hardware wire to get to the other side, perhaps? Laura

  2. Hmmm … I put a log across it later in the day. That is what they used to get out of their coop. Good thinking though. I need to look at that. (I also need to have it set up to be awkward should any donkey decide she wants to go the other way!)

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