I’ve been off the radar for a week or so with a nasty version of the flu. Knock out! While I crawled under blankets and left the clock to its own devices I did manage to listen to podcasts and shivered my way through some new Netflix shows. I’m starting to feel more like myself again. Phew!

May 20068When I caught up with Little Grey today he was nonchalantly chewing on a green stalk of hay. He and BB were nonplussed when I went and got corn … and then went and got water … and then went and got hay! … all before catching Apple for their afternoon nursing. BB is LOUD!
May 20069
He is also very cute when he jumps up to sit on top of the hay feeder to get the best pickings!
May 20070
Great news on Little Grey. He is going to live with Heidi and her goat family just down the road!! Heidi and he are the perfect match. A girl can rest easy on news like that.

6 comments on “Nasty”

  1. Get SO much rest, Wen… My sis-in-law was been sick for two months with sore throat and cough that came back every time she snuck out for a walk or a yoga class. I think we could all use a dose of sunshine about now!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Wendy. I’ve been worried about you…………my sister has been sick for weeks and it turned out to be pneumonia. Maybe you could rest in the sunshine for the next two days…….if you don’t have a lounge chair I will bring one down to you………………Take care!

    1. And the sunshine cooperated with that idea this morning! After doing a limited amount of paddock clean up I pulled my chair into the sun on the front porch – even out of the wind. Beautiful! Thanks Heidi. I will take care.

  3. Horrible you have been ill, get yourself better soon. Awww we will miss the Little Grey Man 🙂 but really glad you are pleased with the new home he is going to 🙂 Laura

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