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April 280068In my efforts to outrun the arrival of the ‘bugs’ … I seem to have been caught by one … a flu bug. Now when I croak and cough Oz looks quite startled at what could possibly make that noise!

I was very happy to wake up feeling much more like myself today. Plus we had the bonus of a visit from our ‘down the road neighbour’ Heidi. Heidi has been a great resource for me in my quest to raise the Guineas. She has a flock of them at her place too. Heidi is also has a goat family. After we had a tour of our place and took time to brush the jennies we headed down to Tryon’s farm to check in on the baby dwarf goats. Little Grey is bouncing around and dancing up a storm like the other ‘regular’ kids. Yeah!

Back at home the chief engineer was finishing up the retarping of the shade shelter. Bella, Darby and Rosie were not all that impressed by our spring cleaning efforts. I had the barn all opened up so that I could wash it down … first I had to convince them that the sunshine was a better choice for snoozing! A beautiful day here. Glad my body was back upright to enjoy it.

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