Fixer Upper


Another busy building day. We redid the awning of the first shade/wind shelter in the front paddock. Now they both have good slopes to run off water and snow. By the time I put out the afternoon hay the jennies were all lined up under the new one. They were able to spread out between the two shelters – giving whomever is a bit ‘cranky’ her own space. 😉

I had the afternoon shift for nursing Little Grey and BB. When I finished I found a perch out of the way to watch how they interact. I like how they are able to call to each other – a kind of ‘echo location’. Little Grey still doesn’t have an ‘adult harbour’ in the mix … something I will always keep in mind when future bottle feeding opportunities arise. As the adults get busy eating I do notice that he will dive in to steal a drink here and there. BB has a more secure place with his sisters. Little Grey was gone so long that they don’t identify with him at all. Cinnamon’s two twins do seem to seek him out. They are younger. I enjoy sitting with that group of goats. Lots of characters in there!

A gentle spring rain is falling – hours worth. I could see the buds of the trees opening more and more throughout the day. Tomorrow’s list hopefully includes finishing the protection fencing for the trees in the woods. Still ahead of those bugs …

2 comments on “Fixer Upper”

  1. I like your donkey shelters. I will maybe have to copy that! So glad that Little Grey is doing ok. We still don’t have Peanut outside full time. I think it’s going to be at least another week or 10 days. But it should be warmer.

    1. Thanks! We find they are great all year round. It took me a while to figure out the best angles for them … noticing our prevailing winds and the effect of the hillside to the north. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. I noticed your posts have slowed down. I imagine you are quite busy!! Good luck Peanut!

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