Kindred Spirits


See these fluffy white beauties? They were born in the winter and are now the chief kids in the goat room. The twins look so much alike that picture above looks like it is a mirror image. If you have a home for a couple of dwarf goats now is the time to contact the Tryon farmers!
April 200068
I snuck ever so quietly into the barn today … hoping to find Little Grey before he woke up and knew I was there. And there he was – all tucked in with Cinnamon and one of her kids. No wonder he was sneaking a tweak at her udder yesterday. πŸ˜‰ (I do see theΒ awful job I did at trying to correct the ‘blue eye’ effect on her!)
April 200069
You can see his little noggin’ back in behind them. SO much nicer than finding him on his own in a corner somewhere. I think he is beginning to realize he is a goat!
April 200072
He still thinks my laces look like a goat candy cane. I wonder what we look like … looming so tall over him? And I love that he isn’t intimidated. In his mind people mean good things are coming.
April 200073
His sisters agree. And they have all convinced me that goats are another type of kindred spirit.

9 comments on “Kindred Spirits”

    1. Yes, they are all very social. I got to meet them all the day they were born. Then for two weeks I was with them for a couple of hours a day. That is NOT what Farmer Cari asked me to do … I was just to check on them. But HOW could I possibly resist spending as much time as possible with them! πŸ˜‰

  1. So sweet. How good that must make you feel that those little kids trust you so much. I am slightly envious, but happy for you!

    1. Thanks Kim. It really is a neat thing to meet these characters. I wonder sometimes what they think of us? We are so awkward compared to them … no fur … so tall … no horns. πŸ˜‰

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