April Jobs ~ Down in the Dirt

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April 170074April … moving month. Moving the old winter hay bed out of the paddock. I think two more days ought to mean the end of that job. I just keep reminding myself how great it was that the jennies had a warm sunny bed on cold winter days. While I worked the Robins and the Purple Finches put on a great concert.

Tomorrow I begin work on reclaiming the ‘Donkey Garden’. It was a grassy garden area that the jennies and Paco convinced me would be delicious grazing for them. And it was … for a short while. But then it became a great rolling area … and a great area to dig roots … and a great area to find delicious lilac bushes to eat. By the end of last summer it had become a dust bowl. ALL greenery – grass – bushes – flowers and plants – GONE. So, now no difficulty deciding it really isn’t all that different from the sandy paddock. I’ll take my garden back thank you. A friend is coming by with a rototiller to help me break up the hard pack. I have plants in the front gardens that desperately need dividing. There are even a few survivors from the donkey years that have dared to pop green shoots up through the hard pack. This will be fun rebuilding a garden out there.

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