April 150076My morning started something like this … “Wen! Pull up your blind and then come right downstairs!” Seemed Darby and Bella were out for a walk. They are quite easy to lead back to the paddock – it just takes a bucket of sweet smelling grain … The slower job is to search for just how they got out in the first place. The story, as best as we could surmise, is that Bella squeezed out between the gate and the fence post from the back paddock. Darby, being either the super vigilant one in charge … or the buddy who cannot let her bff get one up on her, likely tried to jump the fence. It looks like she did a belly flop right on the top of it all resulting in two t-posts now being ‘j’ posts and a stretch of fencing down. When I realized that I went back to search them out in the woods to make sure she was alright. No cuts … but I’m betting there are some tender bruises under that coat.

At lunch I went down to the farm to check on Little Grey. He is doing great! He was asleep when I came in … curled up with Cinnamon’s babies. When he heard my voice he was up and popping over to see what was up – and likely salivating at the thought of my catching him a chance to nurse. He had a good long drink and then when I was leaving was heading back to his sleeping buddies. This past week has been a real turning point for him. Being able to nurse again has meant he is growing much more quickly. He is also learning lots of social skills from his herd. Really amazing to see what the tiny kids can manage in just a few weeks …

Back at home Oz was being super vigilant at the study window … the chipmunks are driving him crazy!

Enjoying a rainy afternoon here. Happy Easter weekend!

6 comments on “Surprise!”

  1. I am glad Little Grey is doing well. I bet you miss him. Maybe the jennies were out looking for him! Hoppy Easter..intentional typo.

  2. Very glad to hear that Little Grey is doing so well. We are having some trouble getting Peanut up to speed with the goats outside, even the other kids pick on her. It will take time. Glad you found where the jennies went over the wall! I hope the one who flopped on the fence is ok.

    1. We’ve been wondering about Peanut. Cari (farm friend where Little Grey came from) was asking about how it was going. The first day we left him with the other goats Cari put some milk on her hand from one of the wet nurse does and rubbed it on him so he would smell more like ‘them’ and less like a human house. Darby, fence jumper, seems fine. I checked her all over again this morning. I was thinking perhaps she’d be limping or showing some tenderness by today. So far so good.

  3. I am so torn, happy to see Little Grey reintegrated and cuddled up with his own kind but sad that he won’t be a regular at the Meadow. Do your cats ever go outside? Laura

    1. I hear you! I will make sure to include updates on him every so often. He is only five minutes down the road from us. Our cats are totally inside cats. This is the first generation that we’ve done that with. They’ve paved our road and extended it to the next village … so drivers come so much more quickly now. After losing too many cats to the ‘road’ we decided to go this route. I was afraid they would feel confined … but we don’t get that impression at all.

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