Day: April 14, 2017

Into the Fold

Little Grey is officially one of the herd again. Thank you Cari for letting us be his foster home for a while. What a great experience. For two ‘old girls’ who had never met a goat before we sure were smitten quickly. I know … how could you not be smitten with a little face like that. We enjoyed it all – learning to feed him a bottle – learning to recognize his little bleats (which turned into healthy robust bleats as he got stronger) – teaching him to navigate around the house – letting him fall asleep in our arms – making him feel safe with cuddles and gentle nose rubs – watching him learn to hop and leap – and then feeling the angst of wondering if he was ready to ‘go’ (more like were we ready for him to go). He is more a part of the group now that he is familiar to them. It was gratifying to visit him this afternoon and see him enjoying his buddy BB.

Next week I will continue to help by managing the noon feeding for the two of them. Lambing season is over at the Tryon farm. Twenty-seven lambs born this spring. I think ten goats … that I can count… although that may only be the dwarf goats… What I do know for sure is that it is a busy time of year for people running farms. I had a bucket of fun helping out!

Back at our place the sun brought out the first daffodil blooms. The crocuses have been open for a couple of days. The bird song is raucous out there. We worked away at clearing brush from the woods and hilltop – blown down or chewed down over the winter. I made a real dent in clearing out the hay bed from under the shelter. It sure was a great addition for the jennies. I’ve learned to haul it out of there and let it dry up some in the sun. It is a lot easier to fork into the Bully when it is not soaking wet!

What a great day … all is well in this corner of the world.