Day: April 13, 2017

Off to ‘Kidergarten’

April 130070

Today is my first day back at ‘Kidergarten’. I was there for the first week of my life … but I needed a little human therapy to get my muscles in shape and my body weight up.  I spent the morning helping my foster mom in her donkey paddock. It was so sunny and warm … I was having a wonderful time dozing in the hay while she scooped up donkey poop. Those donkeys poop a LOT!

This time when we drove down to the farm my foster mom carried my car carrier with us into the goat room. I kinda liked that … it means I can use it to sleep in if I get nervous about all the new kids around me.  I am not so good at head butting games … yet. And the other mothers are a bit put off by my human upbringing so they keep dragging their kids away at play time. I am staying for the whole afternoon and then I can go back to the Meadow for the night.

Tomorrow I am going to start my new adventures full time back at the farm. I can tell that this is a hard step for my foster mom. She likes it when I am playing inside with her and Oz. She also seems to need my help in the paddock … I just am not sure which job she thinks I can do. I think being cute is my favourite job so far. My foster mom will still keep coming to help me out each day at the barn. She plays with all the kids and can help me learn to take part in group games. She also is getting very good at catching the wet nurse goats so I can have LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG drinks! She says I’ve been a great goat ambassador and have totally changed her point of view about goats. Not bad work for my first four weeks of life!