The Littlest Farm Hand

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Today Little Grey and I began our program of doing the farm chores together. He was a mellow little fellow when I woke him just before 5 am to bring him along. As soon as we stepped out of the car he started chittering to whomever would listen. We began with the chicks. He was just starting to wonder if maybe these creatures should be ‘his besties’ when I scooped him up to go with Cari to the goat pen for a delicious biiiiiiiig breakfast. By the time I rejoined them Little Grey had a full belly and was settling in for a snooze. So I brought him along home and put him in his paddock pen where he could enjoy the donkeys, watch Edie and I build a dirt bath for the Guineas and sleep in the sunshine. I was back to the farm at noon – no new lambs in sight. The barnyard was full of critters laying back in family groups to soak up the warmth. I’ve just come home from taking Little Grey down for ‘supper’. He certainly has the hang of it all. This afternoon I took a turn catching the wet nurse, popping tennis balls on the end of her horns (you don’t really need to ask why … right?) while Cari guided BB and Little Grey. Tomorrow midday I am going to give that a go on my own. After ‘dinner’ I sat with the quadruplets climbing all over me and included Little Grey in the fracas. He did get a good ‘I’m in charge’ butt from his biggest sister. And got trampled in the rush for the food trough when the corn arrived. We’re home again and he is tottering around on his high heeled hooves while we get our meal ready. He seems a little muted … I think maybe the food stampede frightened him a bit and perhaps gave him a bruise or two. He is learning though how to manage around the others. We’ll keep tanking him up and build his muscles so he can hold his own. As a thunderstorm rolls by and the jennies reappear from their hiding spots in their shelters it sounds like the perfect spring evening – bird song, dripping eaves and the tiniest hint of the peepers swimming in the fields.

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