First Steps Into The Big Wide World


Now THAT was a day not to be missed if you are a little mammal getting your first taste of the big outdoors. When the sun made up its mind to warm things up we bundled Little Grey up in an old Cabbage Patch doll sweater. There was a stiff north wind and we didn’t want to end up giving him a chill. He managed for a short while but then decided it was warmer inside my coat.

Things warmed up in the afternoon so I took him out to the paddock when I was doing the chores. We made him a little stall so he could meet the donkeys with a little breathing space. Rosie was smitten right off the bat. I think she’d take him under her wing for a while. The mesh at the front of his space meant they could all get nose to nose. At one point both Rosie and Darby went into the Condo to see if they could get into his stall from behind. When they disappeared he wailed and wailed! Rosie came right back and stood beside him for a long time – just keeping him company. She really is a sweetheart that jenny!

When the fresh air had tired Little Grey out I sent him inside with Goatie Nannie #2 and the jennies and I finished up cleaning out the barns. Once a rainy stretch goes away it is good to lay down fresh wood chips.  We also started to take down some of the trees that were chewed to bits this winter. I managed to circle two more with mesh protection. With another open winter like this last one the donkeys might clear off the hilltop! That is great motivation for me to get to protecting some shade cover before the bugs arrive. (And they always arrive before I think they will!)

And so as the evening wraps up here while I am writing this post Little Grey has decided there are cozy spots to sleep even outside his regular sleeping box. He is here at my feet … totally zonked! A busy day for a little goatie! 😉

8 comments on “First Steps Into The Big Wide World”

  1. Love reading your blog every day to see how little Grey is doing. It will be hard to give him up.

  2. Your photos today delighted me. Little Grey is precious. A sunny day with happy animals discovering each other and watching their interactions. Perfect.

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