Day: April 7, 2017

Update on Little Ones

Many firsts for Little Grey today. First time he stayed ‘up’ between feedings. No more feed and tuck in. That then left room for the first time he managed some serious jumping. Notice the additions to the ‘study corral’ walls? One foot is now too short. Go Little Grey! Being up and about so much longer we all got to hang out around the house. He knows his way to the bathroom where he loves to chew on the toilet paper stand (metal). He likes to jump onto his hay bag. And what he loves the very best of all is to cuddle if you lay down on the floor – let’s say to read an article – or foolishly try to type and email. 😉

Back at the farm the storm was finishing up while the chickens and turkeys were safe and warm in their barns. At one point I looked up to see one of the goats figuring out how to get through the screen door to that delicious looking feeder on the other side! I had the great fun of bringing the corn out to the paddock herd of sheep and goats. It is always a great version of ‘running the gauntlet’. See … the challenge is to get to the troughs before the herd takes you out at the knees. First you need to manage to get out the barn door (which requires moving a gate on the inside – then closing the door on the outside) without being noticed. Then once you have wrestled the bucket away from the nose of the biggest goat who has somehow tipped it all in his favour you hustle across the boot sucking mud to get to the trough first. As I scattered their feed and straightened up feeling the flush of success … I realized my boot was sunk so deep I wasn’t going anywhere quickly. Let’s just say it all would have made a great video clip. 😉

Back in the lower part of the barn the day was progressing perfectly. Yesterday I told you about my first go round as sheep midwife. Here are those two little lambs. The little black faced one spent the night in the house. Some warmth and some bottle feeding helped her to get her strength up. This morning she rejoined her mom and sister. Cari called mid-morning to let me know there had been an explosion last night. FIVE more lambs were born to three mothers. She had her hands full this morning! She had been called away so I got to go down and do my check in. The little black faced lamb needing help to get onto her mom’s teat. I was able to spend time with them twice and helped her each time. By the second trip she was holding her own when I stood back. I got a message from Cari later in the day to say she was now managing to start the process on her own. Phew! My first attempt at lamb CPR seemed to have worked. I think there will be a few days now before the next rush. As Senior Farmer helped me to realize there are some telltale signs yet to develop before the last five or so ewe’s have their babies. Until them I am sure we’ll find many things to fill our time!

Signing off,
The Accidental Farmer Apprentice