The Wonder of It All


So much fun watching wonder in a little girl’s eyes! Two ‘little girls’ actually. Three of the Chivers girls came to visit today. Grandma Barb, Mom Ashley and daughter Flo. We woke Little Grey up for his mid-morning feeding and let him play with our hair and laces. Then we visited the Tryon farm to check on the sheep – no new lambs today. (I think they have a secret pact to always wait for Cari to be home before dropping a lamb. Phew!) My favourite face of the day is Ashley. LOVED watching her interact with all the animals. That girl needs a farm! Flo was beautifully composed, full of smiles and giggles and polite gestures of hands up “No thank you … too big” to the adult critters. Now the chicks – that was pure wonder…

3 comments on “The Wonder of It All”

  1. It was a fabulous day at Meadowview and the farm down the road . Thank goodness for the ladies of the land who nurture both animals and humans!

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