So long sunshine … see you next week!


We’ve had two gloriously warm days with sunshine. Even the prospect of five days aof rain is not daunting. It isn’t snow! And it will help those tulips and daffys trying to pop out of the gardens.

Grey had a good day. Gobbling a great first feeding. Managing lots of walking around. He had another shot of New Cells this afternoon. That tends to put him down to sleep for a longer time. Maybe nursing the sore pin prick from the needle… He and Oz continue to watch for each other. Love that when he is walking to the kitchen he doesn’t want to keep going if he can stop to visit with Oz. πŸ˜‰ Here is a little video clip of this morning’s antics. Our new favourite phrase isΒ ‘Gentle Oz!’

6 comments on “So long sunshine … see you next week!”

  1. Oz needs lessons from Boo, but like all cats, anything moving is a prime candidate for play. Little Grey is looking good!

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