Day: April 2, 2017

HELLO!…………… Spring!

This was THAT day. The one where you notice all the kids in the village are outside. When the Robins sing all day long. The day that the sun makes you take off your coat and your hat and your mitts. The one where you find the jennies standing in the shade for the first time since last summer.

Little Grey made more gains … little ones … but gains. Who knew you could be so happy to see a poop? 😉 We are giving him a little maple syrup mixed into his milk. We tried that first a few days ago and used too much. Today’s mix used the tiniest bit. That helps to grease the works. When he is drinking cow’s milk it can be binding. Cari brought down about 100ml of goat’s milk she’d got from one of her moms whose baby had just left. She also gave him another shot of New Cells (vitamin booster). The little gaffer walked from the study to the kitchen today. We are awfully tall for him to look up at. Ede discovered he would follow a little mouse …

Here is a video clip of him moving along. Be still my heart!