Day: March 30, 2017

The Superabundance of Spring

Spring is amazing living it this close to the ground. I was at the farm before sunrise helping out with the morning chores. Water and food all around. Then I crept into the dwarf goat nursery to spend some time with the quadruplets. They were doing great – leaping and climbing. Their roommates (who are a good week behind them) are furrier and larger. But the quads are definitely the most social. As I hear the pigeons and sparrows start to sing I know it is time to head home to check on our own menagerie.

Little Grey was exercising his lungs this morning – eager to tell us he was ready for another bottle. Then his day got even better! His brother (BB – for Big Brother) has come to join him. BB seems to have ended up with a wonky back leg as well. Hmmm… some critter in that part of the barn is being a little too rough. They were happy to see each other. And BB and I are well acquainted. My chief babysitting assistant was quick to step up to the plate as well. Oz has figured out that his rocking chair is not going to hold all three of them – so he has settled inside the nursery box to keep an eye on them both.

As I headed back to the farm at lunch to check in on the sheep – fifteen due to have their lambs any day now – I noticed the geese were back in the pond doing their penguin imitations. Now you may not see the penguins. But when we are driving by and casually glance their direction It is penguins we somehow imagine out there. I figure they must have very buoyant rear ends? All was fine in sheepland. The sun had come out and the paddock critters were have a good snooze … well … most of them. As I was leaving the other dwarf goats’ heads popped up over the crest of the hillside to the west field. “Aha! She could be putting something to eat out there!” They scooted up the lane way looking all the world like ladies out for a stroll with their escort Randy at the head of the line.

As I tucked our family of critters in for the night the Robins and Sparrows were singing … the perfect bookend to the start of the day. Spring is a superabundance of life – fresh starts for so many. Goodnight all!