Day: March 29, 2017

Upsy Daisy

First an update on Little Grey (sometimes being thought of as Grayson). This morning was wobbly, shivery, shaky, weak kneed and fragile. We were not sure the little guy would manage through the day. By mid-day he was climbing back uphill … being a little more vocal … standing a little longer AND THEN managing for the first time to figure out the bottle on his own. Small victories are heartwarming! There he was – standing – nosing around – asking for some milk and gobbling a good portion. We were a little more relaxed when we tucked him back in for an afternoon snooze. Oz continues to be a real helper. They do like to cuddle up together and Oz will put his arms or legs around him and lick him clean. That milk smell is irresistible! 😉 Tonight his farm mom came by to give him a shot of antibiotics and a vitamin booster to see if either would help him overcome his growing weakness. Perhaps he got a chill? Or maybe a good boot by the competing momma in the stall. If loving will bring him around he has a good shot. Meanwhile we are serving as the Goatie ICU.

Meanwhile back on the farm the other little goats are growing in leaps and bounds. Literally! The sun came out around noon and they first group of kids and lambs all huddled up in the hay pile with their parents and soaked it all in. Little Grey’s siblings are still inside in the nursery.

I ended the day in one of my favourite places … the back paddock … watching the sun go down while I brushed the jennies. As soon as that milk carton (aka salon chair) shows up Rosie makes a beeline for me. She’ll snarl at all latecomers to warn them “It is ROSIE’S TURN!” Eventually the others get a chance. When Bella squeezed in I would brush her for quite a while and then say, “Darby’s turn …” Her response would be to take the brush or my sleeve and just hold on. There is no missing the fact that she knows that phrase and was not ready for it to be anyone else’s go! Meanwhile behind us the Guineas are happily singing away to each other while they prune their feathers in the late day sun. They’ve now got it down pat – how to get in and out of the coop – how to check the weather to decide where they wish to be – and they know where the sun shines best. Sigh … loving it all.