Day: March 28, 2017

Foster Nannies

Always love picking up new skills! We’re adding ‘Foster Nanny’ to our list. The littlest quadruplet was having a real struggle making it in the barn with his siblings and another doe and her twins. He was shivering and holding up a sore leg when we came upon him this morning. I was helping with the 5:30 am shift. By the time 7:00 rolled around we realized he might need an intervention. At the noon check in there he was – his little wobbly self shivering and off in a corner on his own. So we scooped him up and he has come home with me for some TLC. Each day when I go down the road to the farm he’ll come with me and hang out with his mom and siblings – hopefully getting some of her milk too. It will keep him connected to goat behaviour and give him a goat family to return to when he gets his strength and legs under him again. Then in-between we’ll train him to bottle feed and let him grow up some with Oz as a buddy. He sure will be a sweet little dwarf ram having such socialization so young. Every day is a new adventure around here!