Spring Means Rain and Babies


Did not see that weasel today … going to continue the search tomorrow. I put the Guineas out into their run while I did the chores. They were NOT impressed with the wet ground and rain! They all figured out how to get back into their coop on their own. First time!

Loved helping out at the farm this morning. Two more dwarf goat kids and one lamb born yesterday. The four quadruplets are now in the barn with the new twins and their mom. That is one incredible pile up of cuteness! I was giggling out loud while all six of them were hopping around over my feet. I helped with watering the poultry and got to hold a water bucket up to the huge Tom while he drank.

The barn is running the (hopefully last) flood of the spring water through the basement. I am in awe of Cari’s determination and guts as she works with all of her animals. Managing her barns. Planning her season for new sheep, goats and chickens. Moving moms and babies into safe places. Feeding cattle, donkeys, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, pigs, poultry. AND four young children and a busy husband managing a new career.

We got talking this morning about the wealth of women farming up and down our roads. There is Nancy with her sheep, Mandy with her poultry and rabbits, Mary Ellen with her mixed farm and her huge vegetable garden, Jess with her donkeys, Heidi with her goats and Guineas, and soon to return Haley with her farm. And those are just the people we know well enough to mention.

Cheers to the ladies out there tonight doing the chores in the rain and fog. Keeping the ‘local’ in our food supply!

3 comments on “Spring Means Rain and Babies”

  1. Cheers to you Wendy for the willing help you give to so many people. Great pictures. Love the baby goats.



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