Day: March 26, 2017

That’s a Little Weasel!

A day made for indoor pursuits … even if you were a jenny. We had waves of freezing rain on and off. Likely most of it is going to come through tonight. THEN the temperatures head into double digits! Yahoo!

During one of the breaks I was out delivering fresh hay and scooping manure. The jennies and I were down in the front paddock. I looked up to see Darby watching a squirrel run toward us down the road that comes over the hilltop … Hmmm… funny looking squirrel… looked a LOT like a weasel. Looked like a weasel … hopped like a weasel. Holy cow! IT WAS A WEASEL!! A very laid back weasel who paid no mind to the three donkeys and I standing twenty feet away. Before I could come to my senses it squeezed down under the hay barn.

Not good. Seems another project is on the list for tomorrow. In the meantime the Guineas are shut tight into their coop. Crikey!