Day: March 24, 2017

It all spells S..P..R..I..N..G

A real mixed bag of weather today. We started with gigantic snowflake pancakes smacking the roof and windows … schplatt! Drove our little cat Oz nuts. 😉 Before long it turned to hail, then to freezing rain and finally to pouring rain. It all spells S..P..R..I..N..G!

The little goats are doing well – very active today! Loved coming in to find them all running about. The biggest one was tossing her head and leaping and swirling with great attitude and zest. Made me laugh right out loud. She sure is a lot bigger than the other three. Two of them are keen bottle feeders … one is reluctant and the fourth is down right not interested in that bottle – no way – no thank you. I heated the milk up twice to try to match Pepper’s nursing schedule. Soon the weather will turn and they’ll move to outdoor quarters. It is nice and cozy for them in the basement for now. I think Pepper is in no hurry to have to jostle her herd mates for food or space.

I was happy to toss my clothes in the dryer and warm up too!