Day One in the World


Started the day off with one of my favourite kinds of phone calls, “Hey Wendy, there are new baby goats as of last night.” Which was made only sweeter by, “Could you drop in a few times today to make sure they are alright. Pepper had FOUR kids!” Very sweet teeny dwarf goats. They seemed to be doing pretty well. My job was to hold two while the other two could nurse. Love that Pepper can tell right away that you are working with her. She would scoot the ‘loose’ two into position. She certainly has a busy road ahead of her. Cuteness overload for sure!

Around home I got to enjoy the Guineas’ first full day out in the world as well. I gave them two hours to figure out the doorway to the run … and then I went into the coop and gently lifted each rooster to perch at the opening. Once those three were outside Miss Charlie figured out how to get out on her own. Maybe she will be able to lead them in tonight. You can see the Guinea run spreading out behind the blue (hay) barn. The jennies seem to like dropping manure all around the perimeter of the run! That will either be a great way to teach the Guineas to eat flies … or the beginning of a well raked pathway by me! What a great day to be introduced to the world. Happy first day of spring!





3 comments on “Day One in the World”

  1. Happy Spring day. 4 kids, that is ambitious, 2 little miniature kids would look so cute at the Meadow 🙂 Laura

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