Glad I Married an Irish Girl!


Ede carried the luck of the Irish with her today. We had some errands to run. That meant we had to drive down to the city … always a shame on a beautiful blue sky morning. This time it was still incredibly nice out when we got home. After lunch we headed straight out to finish off the last wall panels of the Guinea Run. Nice to work in that kind of weather. Now we have the gate and the coop door to do … and we’ll be ready!! I am quite excited about being able to set the Guineas loose inΒ much more space.





8 comments on “Glad I Married an Irish Girl!”

  1. Impressive πŸ™‚ Sure hope the Dumb Clucks don’t press themselves up against the far wall of present coop once the door ‘to freedom’ is opened. Snow looking reluctant to leave, hope the sun wins πŸ™‚ Laura

    1. That is the exact image I have in my mind when I think about their first encounter with a way out of the coop! I will be sure to document what happens. And yes, the snow is hanging in here. I think we may get another dose next week … and some years well into the middle of April. But it is very different snow than we get in the months of December through February. Easier to not plow … I find I’m hopeful that leaving it makes it melt more quickly.

    1. Sure, a bottle labled Maple Syrup (???) not sure if it is real or not. Specialist deli’s sell 100ml bottles for over R200, this may be closer and does taste different to grocery store stuff. Laura

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