Wow! Mother Nature sure knows how to make us appreciate sunshine and warm temperatures. This afternoon the winds calmed down, the sun shone down and the snow started to disappear . It’s March – crazy, fickle, totally unpredictable March.

We had some company today. My sister, Marg, was on her way to Kemptville and stopped in for lunch. It was a great excuse to make old fashioned macaroni and cheese. With the thickest sauce ever! I think it is all still in one solid ball in my belly. Groan! It was fun to reintroduce her to the jennies. They found our similar voices a little bit disconcerting!

Today I also found time to break out the acrylic paints I’ve been hankering to try. I’ve been shy to dabble with painting until I felt I got my drawing groove back. My best motivation was wanting to create pictures of the Guineas. There are not many mediums that allow you to put white spots on a black background. I had to keep reminding myself that it is the process of drawing with paints that is important … not getting a perfect outcome every time… It was great fun. I think I will enjoy practising with them as a different way to draw.

A splendiferous day in my neck of the woods!

5 comments on “Splendiferous!”

  1. I LOVE your painting, Wendy! I think you captured the essence of a guinea – which is not an easy thing to do…… I’ve tried sketching my own…….
    What you have accomplished is just delightful!

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