Day: March 15, 2017

Way Down South

… or maybe southwest some poor farmer has all of our snow. Maybe Sara at Amore Miniature Donkeys has it … I’ve seen pictures coming out of her place these last two days where the snow is as high as their rooftops and they are digging ‘channels’ for the minis to walk through. I definitely see that Kris down at The Dancing Donkey has a lot of it!!! Check out her cars … if you can see them. Although her pup is ready to dive into three feet of snow for a game of frisbee. Nina and her goats over at Ruit Farm sure are battling the elements … although it does not seem to be slowing down the arrival of her new kids.

What I do know is that everyone of them is out wading through snow and into heavy winds to make sure their animal families are safe, warm and happy. There is no snow day for our farmers. We are a teeny hobby farm compared to these folks. I work hard for hours each day to keep our place humming along. I admire the heck out of these guys. And YES! You too, Owen and Cari, just down the road from us managing March Break with four beautiful kids and a barnyard FULL of critters needing early morning and late night special attention. Spring arrives next week! Hold on everyone. We are almost there!