Day: March 6, 2017


Ede started off the morning running to her favourite hardware stores to pick up some strapping. She figured out that would be a good option for securing the fence wire to the wall of the Guinea run. We were both beat today. A ten foot length of that gauge of wire fencing is pretty heavy! We secured one as a lower section and then lifted the other to mount as the top four feet. Seems even electric staple guns can’t hold those suckers up!

That made for a quiet afternoon. Teddy was exhausted so I needed to keep him company surfing through Netflix for a few hours. 😉

It was some quiet in our house this afternoon … when suddenly the alarm clock went off. Well … our alarm clock … being Darby! She sure hollered when she knew it was four o’clock and I wasn’t out yet. I could feel that it was warming up. We’re in for some freezing rain tonight. But perhaps we’ll mostly miss that part and get rain instead. Everyone is tucked into their barns or coop with food and water enough to ride out the storm. Hope you are dry too!