Behold … the eyes of Oz


march-50048Look into my eyes … you will begin to feel very sleepy …
Our wonderful little wizard is really something to behold. He keeps us in stitches. Whether it is the way he waits for us on the back of a chair to get a hug – one little arm around each side of our neck and burying his head into our hair. Or the incredible wrestling matches he has with his favourite toy (Furbie) while we eat breakfast. It might be how he goes on a tear around and around the house and then charges us – all puffed up – sashaying sideways at our ankles. It could be his reclining posture on the floor vent where the furnace blows hot air under the kitchen table. Or the madcap way he’ll jump way into the air after a lady bug. How fun to have a little kitten to admire!
When we were not admiring Oz we pretty much spent the rest of the day working on the coop. We were delighted to figure out how to put up our first wall. See … the challenge was … the ground is a hillside … and we didn’t want the mesh to go up sideways. Ede’s waking up statement this morning was, “When Ruth and Bob built their house into the side of a hill they didn’t slant the siding …” We figured out a method that would have us put up two irregular shaped sections with a support board where they would overlap. So we got out the level and despite Ede’s many reservations our measurements proved accurate and the wall looks great! One down … four more to go. (Why four? We wouldn’t go and design a simple rectangular coop run, would we?!)

We banished the jennies from the construction site. Darby likes to overturn the saw horses and Rosie likes to place her nose as closely to power equipment as possible. I could tell by the look in their eyes they were some impressed with our results today.
By the time we finished we considered just laying down right where we were beside the morning doves soaking up the sunshine. We had just about that much energy left!

4 comments on “Behold … the eyes of Oz”

  1. When we got Leroy Brown, almost 16 years ago it occurred to me that Doctors should prescribe a kitten for people with depression. I think a lot less medication would be required. Good for the elderly and shut-ins as well. Hard to be down when your living with a kitten. Alas Leroy Brown will be my last cat.


  2. Oz’s sister Annabelle can be quite a handful. She like to play at night in the spare bedroom. We have toys there, her favourite toy, a tray with a ball inside. She swats the ball around and around. It is not suppose to come out of the tray but it has. She also has lots of energy when I get up in the morning. She tears around the house jumping over cats scattering mats. Sometimes the other cats will join in. She goes places she’s not allowed. She was caught chewing on a wire on the tv. We found teeth marks. Hopefully she is over walking the banister. She has fallen down into the basement but wasn’t hurt. Right now the house is quiet, nap time.

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