The Opposite of ‘Heatwave’!

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We’re all riding out another day of the big chill. The coldest days of the year … hitting in March. We were coasting in the low -20’C range all day. The jennies were all set up in the south paddock by the time I got out there. Out of the wind – in the sun – not so bad. The Guineas spent most of the day on their top perches where it is warmest in their coop. Glad everyone has good winter coats!

1 comments on “The Opposite of ‘Heatwave’!”

  1. I think it would be BLISS to spend time with such a sweet group of cuddle-bunnies….AKA jennies!
    Our own guineas come LEAPING out of their coop these mornings, to spend the day pecking at the lawn or basking under the overhang in front of the house. The cold doesn’t seem to scare them – just new snow! It reached – 6 here today – and no wind this afternoon.

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