Day: February 27, 2017

Woods Work

I really loved this day … loved it! I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to have a gentle spring. Just like this day. Only every day just slightly warmer. A little less ice. A little more rain. I found little shoots of plants peaking up through the snow in the woods. the south face of the woods hill is almost clear of snow – still a little icy – but getting browner by the minute. I built a ‘wall’ out of the trees we cut down yesterday. Now we will again be able to control access to the woods. I left just enough room to slide in my free gate if needed. I also used the fencing Heidi gave me to protect two groups of oaks and another maple. (We’ve ordered new wiring for the Guinea Run – should be in this week.)

I wandered the woods with the jennies. Checking on their regular pathways. Looking for ways to direct their grazing away from oaks and maples I’d like to keep. Darby decided my idea for a blocked off garden spot … pretty much sucked!  She was disgusted when I began putting up barriers. Bella just squeezed under the first log. Darby … well she took two runs at it. Each time she braked at the last minute – stared me down – bit her hind haunch (her version of ‘I am not happy with you!’) and waited. She won… especially when I got wondering just how much time I would spend there compared to her. 😉