Warmest February 23rd Ever …

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No surprise that today was the warmest February 23rd ever on record in our area. And those records have been kept since the mid-1800’s. It sure was nice to watch the ice evaporating (or sublimating if we are to be accurate) in front of my eyes. The Bully Road is almost clear – even on the north side. The paddocks are holding onto the ice where the wood chips still cover it. I think I’ll let the bare ice melt and then scrape up the wood chips. That way the jennies will always have traction somewhere. Tomorrow’s forecast is for freezing rain. Hopefully less freezing and more rain. It is going to be a rainy week in our neck of the woods.

The donkey woods are turning gradually into the donkey rocky hillside. Especially with such an open winter they have been able to get up there and chew away an awful lot of bark. I need to get ahead of them by erecting fence guards around the trees I picture us keeping. When spring brings on new growth I need to get my friend, Bhawani, to help me pull the invasive species she noticed taking over our back hillside. As I’m watching it all up there I’m thinking fewer trees and fewer tall plants would not be a bad idea … It could cut down on mosquitoes and allow more breezes to make their way through. I still have my eye on three different spots to encourage wildflower ‘gardens’. If I reroute the donkey paths using some cedar rails I think they’d flourish. Can’t help dreaming about gardens in February. Especially in a February that smells so much like spring!

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