Imaginary Spring


All day today the sunshine, the mild temperatures, the soft breezes and even the smell of the melting snow on the road let us pretend it was spring. And what is even more tantalizing is the weather report for this weekend!!! I wonder if it is all imaginary … or will we look back and marvel that spring started the last week in February.

A girl can always dream …

2 comments on “Imaginary Spring”

    1. We got chuckling this morning as my wife was writing to our daughter. She was telling her that it is in their nature to ‘worry’. In fact, last night, she was awake a while in the middle of the night worrying about YOUR goats in the deep snow – and with some of them due to drop little ones any time! So just in case you think you are not being noticed out here in cyberspace – you are!

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