Day: February 14, 2017

Better Than a Box of Chocolates

A cozy home day on Valentines Day is better than any box of chocolates!

Day two of plowing and I got most of the back paddock either tamped down or cleared out. When I finished the day yesterday the main gate couldn’t open because there was still a big drift of snow in the way inside the paddock. I sure have improved my skill at putting the plow back on after I wrench it off by hitting big ice banks from last weekend’s ice storm.

This afternoon I got to totally lose myself in playing the piano. One of my dreams would be to learn to add chords to a simple melody by myself on the fly. Have you ever seen one of those music collections called ‘The Big Fake Book’? Each volume contains something like 1500 songs. Guitar chords are provided … so today I spent a chunk of time learning how to use those chords to tell me what notes I could add to the left hand. I taught myself as a kid to play simple melodies on a little electronic organ. When I was in my thirties I took piano lessons and loved it!! Revisiting that theory and being able to play away is great for my brain power. Oz was so curious about where the music was coming from that he got up on the piano bench beside me and played a few of his own notes. Then Teddy, not to be outdone, made sure he had me all to himself when I was working on some theory notes. Always someone to lend a hand! 😉