Walloped, thwacked and thumped! That was our biggest snowfall so far this season. Hopefully all of this season! We got out right after breakfast to get the regular chores done and to get to the plowing. We bought an American Eagle Bulldog side-by-side four years ago now. It has been a real lifesaver around here. Our mechanic happens to live on the next farm property over. He loves working on it. I love working with it. It sure can move a lot of snow. Once again the highlight of the day was watching the donkeys run when they realized there was now a plowed racetrack in their front paddock. I also had a good chuckle when I realized today that the Guineas now pop into their window when I drive by. They used to scoot away in fear when I drove the Bully right by their coop. Wouldn’t it be funny if I found I had Guinea passengers where ever I drove next summer … wait … having been the target of a few well placed Guinea droppings … maybe not!

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