There’s ‘Your Clean’ and …


my clean. It always makes me laugh. I park myself in the paddock and the jennies come one after the other to soak up cuddles and scratches and brushing. I don’t really brush them much in the winter. They need to keep their coats for these cold February nights. However, this morning Rosie and Darby were sporting ice coats. They had SIX different shelter spots to choose from last night and somehow preferred to still stand out in the falling snow. For the first time I can remember they both came to me clearly wanting me to get the ice off of their backs. I have a metal curry comb that is great for that job. Rosie was looking downright beeeeeeautiful when I finished. Soft brown fur – no tats – no wood chips – no ice. Not one minute later she started circling … I know that sign. Down she went for a good roll in the fresh dry bedding. Sometimes I think when she finishes that move she wants me to start again! Darby then checked to make sure she had left some of the ‘bath’ for her – and in she came – first to get rid of the ice – then to have a great roll in the chips. Now that everyone is all bathed and prettified they are hanging in out in the barns in anticipation of tomorrow’s storm. Calling for 25 cm. It will be a challenge to plow the paddocks as the base is rock hard ice in furrows kicked up by the Bully’s tires.

2 comments on “There’s ‘Your Clean’ and …”

  1. Getting clean and then rolling is always top on the donkey hit parade! Glad you got a little respite before the next storm. We are in it right now, with a mess on the way. Maybe it’s your mess come calling, I don’t know! Ah, February!

    1. I find it quite ironic that my mind and heart tends to think — there — January is done. We’re on our way to spring – NOT! February sure has a way of sockin’ to you! Good luck with the storm down your way.

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