Day: February 10, 2017

Made You Look

Darby plays an excellent game of “Made You Look!” She can stare into a perfectly white field and make you certain there is a wolf skulking on its belly headed straight for the paddock. And I swear that sometimes she gets great amusement out of making me stop what I am doing to look too. This morning was a perfect example. Time and again she would stare across the road – from the hilltop – from the knoll – from the front paddock. I’d stop and look … and look … Nothing? Until I noticed all three jennies very intrigued by something coming down the road. You know what that turned out to be? A TURKEY flying straight past us – lined up perfectly with the middle of the road – and coming within metres of the four of us standing there. First of all, a turkey looks like a bowling ball with wings when it is flying. Secondly, it makes a very peculiar sound. Thirdly its teeny tiny head is not supposed to wobble around like this one had to in order to get an eyeful of us as he passed by. The road is raised in comparison to the paddock. And this guy was not a high flyer. So he pretty much went by us just barely over our heads. And kept going. Right down the middle of the road. If a car had come around the corner I swear it would have met the turkey head on about windshield level. I stuck around waiting for the rest of the flock. We don’t usually see one turkey – alone. But not to be. I sure would have loved to have seen a group of them on that route!