It’s all about the light …


Sunlight and moonlight. It’s been all about the light today. Even though we woke up to -25’C windchill it was a lovely day in the sunshine. I’m glad we built the sun/wind shelter last summer. This morning Rosie was all curled up in the hay bed snoring away while the sun warmed up her coat. Bella and Darby had walked up the knoll and tucked themselves in out of the north wind. Even the Guinea roosters were snoozing on their window perch when I went by.

As the afternoon was winding down I noticed Teddy and Oz had joined me in the study. Teddy followed the sun to my desktop and Oz was spread out in his cozy bed.

When I finished up chores the moon was coming up. It was shining off the ice crusted snow the way it can ripple on the lakes in the summer time. I think the donkeys will be playing out and about tonight. It sure is bright out there. I’m loving that I’m out in this February sunshine and moonlight!

4 comments on “It’s all about the light …”

  1. Glad to hear that you can see the moon shining! We are still in the throes of the Nor’easter, and have a few more hours of it. I am hoping that we will be able to see the moon tomorrow night.

  2. gorgeous pics all, wouldn’t it be nice to have all the effects without that daunting minus temperature? 🙂 Laura

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