All Set … I Think…

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february-70047Hay bags filled – check
Extra hay ready in the barn – check
Doors dug out from the ice – check
Warm beds in the donkey barns – check
Guineas watered and fed – check
Generator ready to hook up – check
Ready to sleep with one eye open – double check!

That is one big storm rolling across our weather screens tonight! Seems the entire eastern seaboard is being hit hard – freezing rain – ice pellets – rain – freezing rain – ice pellets and then snow. Wow! The Ottawa news already let people know buses were cancelled and many schools closed for tomorrow. Not sure what our immediate area is doing.

I think we’ll wake up to another skating rink. And this time I might even be able to lace up my skates! I put down wood chips and manure to make a pathway between the barns for the jennies. I just got off the phone with my sister in western Ontario where they were having lightning and thunder – in February.

I think it must be easier to write blogs if you are a Canadian or an American living in the northern states. There is always weather to talk about! 😉 Stay safe everyone.


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