Bowling …


I had an amazing time visiting a neighbour this morning. Thank you Heidi for the invite! Heidi has a small flock of Guinea Fowl that are just about four months older than our group. She offered to show me around her hobby farm set up. It is beautiful! When I commented on how the space was designed like a work of art Heidi admitted that, yes, she IS an designer by trade. We got to hang out with her goats for a bit, checked out her habitat and then I was delighted to find her Guineas popping around the front of her house in the sunshine. She has motivated me to get to work on an outdoor space for our little group. Love our corner of the world. We have amazing people all around us.

Heidi offered me a set of wooden bowls thinking the jennies might be interested in them. She sure called that one right! They’ve been having a wonderful time this afternoon pushing them around, nibbling on them and trying to figure out how to right them if they turn them over.

I included a picture today of what happens here first thing in the mornings. When I am in the kitchen Darby somehow knows… She can be way down in the front paddock and will look me in the eye clear across the paddock and front yard and through the kitchen window. I’m not even standing at the window. I am a good four or five feet back into the room. I had to zoom in to show you how aware she is. I know she can hear the sounds of the house coming to life in the morning. Flushing water, creaking stairs … maybe even the swish of the kitchen curtains being slid back. In the summertime she waits right outside the kitchen window and then BRAYS when she catches me at the sink. Lately we’ve had wonderful sunny mornings and she will be down in the front paddock waiting to soak it all up. She does manage to serve notice that she is  very aware that I am there!

4 comments on “Bowling …”

  1. Funny how those donks know where we are! My husband won’t even turn any lights on in the morning, even though Jingle is about 400′ away, but she can sense the smallest movement, and then it’s Bray Central! If John goes out the back door to get some wood, she knows. They are amazing creatures!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Wendy. It was really wonderful to have you visit today, and I already have plans for the lovely gifts you brought. I look forward to updates on your guinea’s outdoor adventures, and I hope the bowls keep the jennies busy for a good while!

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